lunch box! the first

pour manger <3 2010/06/07

still haven't gone grocery shopping. so what can a girl eat within her little hour of freedom (AND keep within budget)?? 





2010 1.13 cup noodles

the classic, with dumplings. lucky me! lovely little market around the corner can provide such necessities ;-)

2010 1.13 cup noodles w dumpling

oh yeah, i'll take 'em with cheese. swiss emmental here (below) 1. fill with hot water, 2. quickly place cheese of choice (this really requires SOME understanding of cheese.. [im]proper selection can make/break it), 3. then let steep. et voila! the perfect noodle-melt <3

2010 1.13 cup noodles cheese

a new [sorta] cookbook out by David Chang, titled after his successful NY restaurant Momofuku, is also giving me ideas on how to embellish these bowls of instant happiness. adding butter to the broth! (note, he also instructs on how to make your own). the perfect portable egg – for work OR the movies ;-) ahhhhh, this could be very good indeed! though, it seems grocery shopping will most definitely be necessary. SO! until next week.. 


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