busy busy bee..

pour manger <3 2010/08/19

ever have a day (week!) when everyone wants everything 5 minutes ago? :*P yeahhh, this would be one of those. which means i'm eating instant stuff that don't require me straying too far from my work station.

2010 8.19 cubeland lunch
i finished off the instant noodle cups. see? there, last row, next to the animal crackers (which have been breakfast lately.. so YUM!). doritos are also great, they're my guilty pleasure. yesterday i went to town on a few bags of those (which i followed with an apple, so not so bad, eh??). today i have time to step out and grab a sandwich. *sigh* real tomatoes!

2010 8.19 cubeland lunch 2
and thankfully, we have cool drinks to choose from (LOVE honest tea!!). ..but somehow when i get home i'm craving vegetables. probably shouldn't let this go on for too long, eh?  :*P


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