not in the mood

pour manger <3 2010/10/14

it's not that my life is so exhaustingly packed with big to-do's and important something-or-others that i rarely have the energy to cook (or that i'm rich enough to eat out all the time :*P not buying soda, junk food, shoes, or even the good TP to save cash for eating out definitely defines a lifestyle!). no, it's just that there's too much within very close proximity. so, really, the question becomes 'eh, why not? i've been craving steak frites / quesadilla champignon / fresh pho / etc . . .

as was the case on Monday. which i easily rationalized because it was also laundry night. that night i was craving beef – again, given the options within my 3 block radius (Japanese, French, Italian, Mexican, American Pizza, Vietnamese, American Pub Grub..), this didn't so much as narrow it down as merely solidify the fact that i was not going to cook meat while running 2 blocks back and forth doing laundry.

so i got take out :*) Vietnamese! Sunflower serves up the standard dishes, but always fresh and with just enough flavor.

veggie imperial roll:

2010 10.11 take out happiness 4

*eek! apologies for crappy photography. eating late after doing laundry killed ze brain..

shaken beef (tender juicy HAPPINESS!):

2010 10.11 take out happiness 2


bbq pork and tofu garlic noodles:

2010 10.11 take out happiness 3


and, of course, pho:

2010 10.11 take out happiness 5


the people at Sunflower are sweet. they remember me, and somehow are a little too aware of my laundry schedule.. ('ah! no laundry tonight..?' ha! not Monday, i had fresh socks on!!) i called up, read the list of dishes i wanted, and then the lady (completely deadpan) asks 'dat awll??'  'uhmm…?' 'no rice?!' 'oh, yeah, i suppose some brown rice too..::mumble::mumble::' 'OKAAAAYYY!! 15 min-nuht!!'  *_*  she just up-sold me food… 





AHHHH! but!!! the reason i ordered so much: left overs :*D 

2010 10.12 take out happiness morning after

BEST lunch box the next day. even better enjoying it in the sun.. ahhhhh garlic noodles *sigh*



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