pour manger <3 2010/10/19

ok, sorry. i guess i was sicker than i thought. spent a long weekend catching up on 30 Rock, and dreaming about zombies *_*

cupcakes! a bit of a fad lately, no? state-side they're the next best thing to actually having a cake. i've seen wedding parties that feature a tower of cupcakes. this is nothing new to birthday parties… but cupcakes delivered – YES! i swear there was something going on in the Mission in the recent past, in which fantastic cupcakes could be ordered up and delivered at all kinds of odd hours of the night. then again, might just be an urban myth that cropped up amongst all this craze for cupcakes.

Cupkates, a cupcake food truck, delivered right to our doorstep in the Emeryville (aka E'ville) offices: 

2010 9.15 cupcakes

this one was a chocolate cake topped with salted caramel butter cream icing. *sigh*

across the way, we have a shop, Tea Cake ( devoted to making cupcakes first, and cookies, brownies, etc when and if there's time leftover. 

2010 9.22 working cupcakes 8

this was a vanilla cupcake topped with coconut butter cream. i believe they have happy hours in which you can get shots of butter cream icing *_* not sure i'm ready to take it that far…


and then right here in our very own cubeland! yes, we do love cupcakes so much here that we tacked on a cupcake making competition with our annual 5k run! 

2010 9.22 working cupcakes

2010 9.22 working cupcakes 2

2010 9.22 working cupcakes 9

2010 9.22 working cupcakes 3

all kinds of hidden creativity was shown. and mind you, i'm not just saying this, but they were all pretty good. my favorite were the funfetti cakes in the sugar cones – not quite from scratch, but funfetti in a cone?! it was a rare beautiful moment in cubeland for me :*) ahhhh!


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