thanksgiving some more..

pour manger <3 2010/11/26

given the running theme of eating and being-thankful-for-our-glorious-bounty today, this one was a natural. Berkeley Bowl! it's a godsend for those of us who love to cook outside of the box, and not go broke doing it. produce, dried cereals/seeds/flours/etc, meats, fish, cheese, and other milk/yogurt products. and of course you can get all things in the organic option as well if you so require. bountiful goodness, that's for sure! 

2010 11.21 berkeley bowl 4 2010 11.21 berkeley bowl 3 2010 11.21 berkeley bowl 6 2010 11.21 berkeley bowl 7 2010 11.21 berkeley bowl 8 2010 11.21 berkeley bowl 1 2010 11.21 berkeley bowl 10 2010 11.21 berkeley bowl 9

to top it off, this store is locally owned and claims it has it's workers' best interests in mind. for instance – the store will be closed on Thanksgiving and the Friday following so that employees can enjoy the holiday as well. this kind of attitude is well received by the public, outside of the fact that you can find just about any raw food (produce, meat, dairy) item you might need for that ancient family recipe of yours. so here again, the culture of good food and attempting to do right by the people. oh Berkeley! <3


*extra credit: Michael Pollan poking fun at the People's Republic fave grocery store ;*)


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