uhhhh… ::zombie like moans::

pour manger <3 2010/11/29

the food coma continues! last post on this, i swear. but so much food! *sigh* i do love it.. 

2010 11.25 gobbledgook 32 

and please don't tell me you don't indulge in the leftovers! where else did the classic turkey and cranberry sandwich come from?? ha! all kinds of fun ways to continue the eating fest through the weekend.. 


2010 11.25 gobbledgook 37  2010 11.25 gobbledgook 35  2010 11.25 gobbledgook 38  

why tortillas? well, i was in California. and yes there's some Latin American heritage mixed up in it as well. (technically. mostly Californians just seem to understand the wonders of tortillas and the diverse situations in which they can be used for the betterment of mankind. much like real sour dough bread..) when in Rome..!

2010 11.25 kittycatpatrol 05 

right. ok. back to it…


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