the chile rellano burrito!

pour manger <3 2010/12/02

those who know me, know how much i love this thing. in all it's cheesy-fried-disgusting-ness mmmmmm..! the hot chile all battered up and crunchy filled with oozing hot cheese.. dripping in sauce. OK! on with it, eh?!

first do you know what a chile rellano is? yes, most of you do. even in the parts of this country where only tex-mex is available, i'm sure you've seen these. basically it is a poblano pepper, stuff with cheese, battered and fried up, and served with a red sauce. 

now! how does that figure into my burrito? well actually it does rather well in a burrito, *ahem* San Francisco burritos to be precise. you see burritos obviously come from our Central American neighbors to the south. but, being true to our American ways, up here in San Francisco we've super sized them. they're packed with all kinds of things, and they're HUGE. (fun fact: i used to be afraid of Nor Cal burritos – your stomach wasn't meant to take in such a volume all at once, it's staggering!) anywhoo in this case, some genius at La Corneta (one of the best taquerias in SF) figured out that chile rellanos work beautifully in them. 

yes! these huge things are like small warm babies. well, puppies maybe. look at the size:

2010 11.29 crb 1

2010 11.29 crb 2


and, as i keep repeating, mine tonight came with a chile rellano in it. as she always does, the lady who put it together removed the chile's stem, cut it up, covered it in red sauce, and then heated it up before folding it into the burrito with all the other stuff. (do you see it there, on the bottom?) she also knew to go light on the cheese and sour cream that otherwise comes with a burrito, bless her! and here you have it:

2010 11.29 crb 5

the chile rellano burrito :*)


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