pour manger <3, [human] behavior 2010/12/16

in the near future, and after all the muss and fuss of the holidays, my dad is coming out to visit! :*)

some background: we all know how much i love to eat and all things related, and it very well could have been something i was naturally inclined to, something i'm sure regardless i would have found on my own. but thankfully i was born into a family that also happens to appreciate the diversity of edible things in the world, so i was given a lovely introduction to it all at a young age. 

so you see, my dad coming to visit means a long weekend of enjoying long brunches, people watching at cafes, and pub crawls late into the night. oh, and we might actually go north for a hike or something outdoorsy. but mostly he's like me, here for the food. and i've already started some lists! a list of places i want to visit for brunches/dinners/best donuts/etc.. at short little list of bars, he likes good beer ;*) and, thanks to a good friend, i now also have a list of great places to get cocktails. 

now my dear friend Bon-bon has quite the discerning taste when it comes to cocktails, so when i asked her where i could go to get a good cocktail (it is my dad after all), she turned out a list. heh, in fact, as we got to talking about it all, it turned into a best-of-2010 list.

while i trust her dearly and have high hopes for it all, just to be sure i'm going to run through the list and sample things. i want make sure things really are as fantastic as she says, and i'll need to make sure i narrow it down to the few my dad and i will actually be able to visit. he's only here for a long weekend..

*Screen shot from His girl, Friday

ok, the list! (in no particular order, yet)

  1. 15 Romolo
  2. Alembic
  3. Gitane
  4. Rick House
  5. Beretta
  6. Heaven's Dog
  7. Flora
  8. Cantina
  9. La Mar
  10. Boot & Shoe
  11. (Smuggler's Cove..?)
  12.  ..ok the rest we still haven't decided on yet, but 13 is our number!

over the next two weeks i'm going to get out to these places and do some recon, so check in. i promise to bring a decent camera ;*)



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