Christmas feastings..?

bean smoke!, pour manger <3 2010/12/28

right. i sorta missed it. you see, i was there, but so was a large amount of hibiscus infused vodka punch.

2010 12.25 merry happy 09 2010 12.25 merry happy 07


SO, pretty much i remember this: 1) ham, glazed in a honey mustard sauce

2010 12.25 merry happy 02

2) mac-n-cheese

2010 12.25 merry happy 10

3) i know there was also a salad, and i'm pretty sure i love it… rather light meal for a Christmas dinner if you ask me, but all home-made and just right. with lots of local wine, of course.

OH! and at some point we were snacking on tamales (at least through 2 Star Wars movies..). some of the best i've had!

2010 12.25 merry happy 08


right, and last but not least we made infused oils and vinegars to share with our friends :*)

2010 12.25 merry happy 06

2010 12.25 merry happy 12

2010 12.25 merry happy 14

merry happy!!


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