holiday brunching

pour manger <3 2010/12/30

now i didn't spend the entire time on the vineyard over the holiday weekend. there were at least two mornings on which i was in-town, with electricity, television, and a nice warm fireplace.

of course, in a setting like this, large brunches are in order. between snacking and watching movies, and then pausing for another nap, who keeps any kind of routine anyway? breakfast is 'breaking the fast,' and after all that Christmas punch and wine we were all a little slow to start…

day 1: eggs with a hollandaise sauce, side of bacon and potatoes (horay protein!)

2010 12.25 merry happy 18 

day 2: used leftover ham and some spinach to make a slightly lighter scramble…

2010 12.25 merry happy 01

and of course, plenty of this :*)

2010 12.25 merry happy 20


i'm sure this weekend will be a continuation of the restorative brunching routine ;*) happy New Year!!


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