‘la coeur de la chou’

pour manger <3 2011/01/24

had an interesting adventure with mushrooms last weekend. i learned how to dry sauté them :*)

2011 1.22 stuffed cabbage 06

basically, this is cooking the mushrooms in nothing – simply heat up the pan, pour no oil or water or other liquid type thing in – just hot metal pan! and then drop the mushrooms in. 

2011 1.22 stuffed cabbage 10

what happens next is your mushrooms will pop about the pan a little, and squeak quite a bit. soon the liquid that mushrooms already have will ooze out. this is when you should add anything you'd like to season your mushrooms with (i.e. butter, wine, herbs, etc), because soon after that the mushrooms will soak up the juices again leaving little in your pan.

i was surprised at how easy this was, and how nicely it came out. the mushroom flavor was very intense, but sooo nice :*)

*  *  

'what flavor and how was it nice.?' you might ask? well, my friend was making me stuffed cabbage leaves. mushrooms were a part of the stuffing (along with celery, quinoa, ground turkey, garlic, shallots, onions, cumin, and fennel seeds) she explained how she prefers to do this in winter because thats when the large cabbages are harvested. 

2011 1.22 stuffed cabbage 21

2011 1.22 stuffed cabbage 32

hehe! look, a little baby cabbage!

2011 1.22 stuffed cabbage 29

ah the pleasures of cooking seasonally ;*)

all the rest of the stuffings and prep will be posted soon on her blog, Mjolk & Miel.


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