steak in cubeland!

pour manger <3 2011/01/25

well, brisket. but it was damn good brisket! on a fresh roll with arugula and apple slices:

2011 1.20 ebbetts truck 7

food trucks have finally figured out that there are a bunch of hungry, lonely people in our little isolated business park in E'ville. Cupkates was the first, now Ebbett's has promised regular appearances. i almost feel like one of those people that works in the city, ha! any city or fun town on the peninsula. they get all kinds of food truck happiness on a daily basis. though, i shouldn't make it out to be all that bad where we are. there are plenty of interesting food trucks tootling about E'ville regularly, its just that we happen to be in a distant cut-off corner (i.e. other side of the tracks).

2011 1.20 ebbetts truck 1

2011 1.20 ebbetts truck 2

they even have their own pickles, made right there in the truck. the lady handed me two small ones. i took a big bite and realized one was a pepper *_* 

2011 1.20 ebbetts truck 5


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