a nice little place to eat (no, really!)

pour manger <3 2011/02/10

somehow its still amazingly gorgeous out here. i know another storm just rolled across the middle of the country, but we're enjoying clear skies and temperatures in the 60s. even on that windy day, it was still warm and pleasant.

ok, enough of me rubbing that in.. ha! more fun things to do on lovely sunny days: have crepes for brunch :*) at a nice little place to eat. (it's actually called that – it's in Glen Park at Diamond and Chenery).

2011 1.23 crepe 2

2011 1.23 crepe 1

BUT not only did we enjoy a leasurely brunch in our near perfect winter weather (considering our lattitude and all like that..), we had french toast made from croissants. and when we asked for extra avocado, we got EXTRA avocado! ripe, and buttery, and ..perfect *sigh*

2011 1.23 crepe 5

2011 1.23 crepe 4

2011 1.23 crepe 6

as you can imagine, the croissant french toast was very rich, and very filling. i'm probably going to start doing this at home.. and the crepes? fantastic as usual :*) i had the canneloni – stuffed with mushrooms and ricotta with a house-made marinara on top. no. 3 of our party had the hawaiian – stuffed with ham and pineapple with a little bit of cheese. all of it hearty, but tasty, just what you need after a night out or before a long day in the sun.


oh yeah, and mexican hot chocolate ;*)

2011 1.23 crepe 3



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