wednesday morning pause

pour manger <3 2011/02/17

mondays and wednesdays are street sweeping days. and if you know anything about San Francisco, various parking violations are a major source of income. (parking meters down town are right up there with them, they now take all major credit cards except mastercard. but who really has mastercard anyway..?)

not my point. recently it was one of these mornings in which i parked on the wrong side. and this is where it gets tricky: see i have a roommate, and even if i wake up late, it doesn't matter, we've divied up morning time allotted in the bathroom. so i have to make sure i get my shower in and move my car, all before 8am. that morning i woke up at 7:37am :*P 

by the time i was out of the bathroom and frantically throwing on anything to keep myself decent in public, it was 7:58am. my car was only a block away, but still i ran. luckily no ticket. i moved to a safe spot, and started back to my apt. but thats when i paused for a moment. even though i was in yoga gear and really needed to get dressed and on to work already (there was just so much to get done!), i was outside of one of my fave cafés, and it was only 8:02am. i wondered if they still had chocolate croissants (they go fast), or better yet, brioche rolls!

and yes :*) they certainly did. in fact, when i packed into line with all my other neighbors, i got to overhear them all wiping the sleep out of their eyes. an 8th grader was remembering her valentines date with a friend. some moms were chatting about their babies. the girl in front of me ordered hot chocolate, and the barista was dropping a mound of whipped cream on it and then almost more chocolate powder. what had i been in a rush to get to??

hot chocolate and morning roll in hand i slowly walked back up the hill. an early meeting and something about a guy needing an ad designed last minute blah blah whatever. the hot chocolate was amazing! huh, kinda tasted like Mexican hot chocolate :*) ahhh, i need to pause for breakfast more often!

2011 2.16 wed am brioche



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