remember the condiments!

pour manger <3 2011/02/24

a coworker recently told me about a particular falafel truck that frequents E'ville. it went something like OH!EMMM!GEEEE! *_* CONDIMENTS!!!! hehe, actually, she wasn't the first to tell me about the place, probably the third. and she pretty much echoed what everyone else KEEPS saying about it – that its amazing, and you can pile on all kinds of yummyrific condiments onto your falafel or salad of choice. definitely my kinda truck.

so i went. and i must tell you Liba Falafel lived up to what everyone had said. the falafel was done well, the salads looked fresh..

2011 2.7 falafel truck 1

and the condiments! so many to choose from!! feta cheese, pickled oinions or mushrooms, marinated veggies of all sorts.. heaven!

2011 2.7 falafel truck 2

pardon the lighting, my cell phone was a bit wonky that day, but check out the before and after :*)

2011 2.7 falafel truck 4

2011 2.7 falafel truck 5

note – this was on a day in weeks recent past when summer peeked out and gave us a little smile. how could we not enjoy our lunch right there, curbside, in the warm sunshine and with the cherry blossoms raining down on us.

2011 2.7 falafel truck 7

glad we did. <3


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