this or that..?

pour manger <3 2011/03/03

i'm not a vegetarian. ha! actually you might some of the few who know that, but there are quite a few people around me in the day to day that would guess otherwise. why? i don't eat a lot of meat. i rarely cook it. in fact, a friend recently chastised me for never buying meat from Berkeley Bowl when shopping for our dinners. i never think to do it because i never cook it myself. i always leave that up to others. 

lately i've been rather busy with a few private projects AND friends who typically feed me tasty proteins have been busy with their lives as well. so i've been missing meat. or, actually, i might have been if it weren't for Ebbett's. remember that steak sandwich i had a few weeks back? well, they've been coming round to our side of the highway regularly since the New Year (recall – i'm in E'ville, stranded in a teeny business park with only starbucks and a sandwich/salad bar).

and thank goodness! because, like i said, i DO like meat. and while i don't eat it often, when i need it (i get serious cravings), i want it done right. i know if i was marooned on some desert island i'd make do with what i have, but i'm not. i live in the Bay Area, and have access to all kinds of amazing. i will not compromise. and i will not accept sub-par. thankfully Ebbetts has been serving up amazing, keeping me healthy with much needed protein, and my tongue blissful with all the right seasonings. 

so! what have i had recently? well you know about that steak, and there was another week of steak (tri-tip served cold with a horse-radish mayo, carmelized onions, served with arugula on a baguette), i had the lamb meatballs once (with a yogurt dressing and pickled onions on the side), and the harissa chicken another time (chicken cooked in harissa spices with roasted peppers, spicy mayo and smoked mozerella).

2011 1.27 ebbets 2

2011 2.3 ebbetts 3

2011 1.27 ebbets 3


oh yeah, and they take interesting polls..

2011 1.27 ebbets 1

2011 2.3 ebbetts 1

2011 2.10 ebbetts 1

2011 2.10 ebbetts 3


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