thursday morning hangover

pour manger <3 2011/03/10

i can explain, and i had to :*P thursday night i was on the prowl for steak or ribs. the butcher only had ribs left. he pulled some out and weighed them, 'Will this be enough?'

'Umm, I don't know, we're two very hungry, very hungover people…'

'Oh? Well, yeah this should do it…' And he turned to wrap them up for me.. 'You know, you shouldn't be out drinking so much on a week night. You're still hung over??' it was 8pm.

'Well, yes. But it was my birthday last night.'

'Ah! Well, ok then!' he smiled at me, 'What did you do? Go to dinner?'

'Yes, sushi' i tried to smile… 'We had some beer and sake too..'

'Ha! It's that sake that got ya, that stuff always gets you started for trouble!'

and indeed it did.. we started with the best of intentions, sushi at Isobune for dinner :*) sushi boat, to be precise:

2011 3.2 dinner 7

2011 3.2 dinner 8


if you've not yet been, its fun :*) the sushi chef prepares lots of different rolls and such.

2011 3.2 dinner 16

he then puts them onto little boats floating around his work station. we sit on the outside of all this, watching the boats drift by, taking whatever we're in the mood for before someone else nabs it.

2011 3.2 dinner 9

2011 3.2 dinner 11

at the end, the servers tally up your trays. most places color code them.

2011 3.2 dinner 10

2011 3.2 dinner 14


thankfully we ate so much, because after all that sake we felt a bit happy and invincible and moved on to whiskey and tequila. *sigh* you'd think i'd have learned by now…

2011 3.2 dinner 19

no matter, it was a good night :*) and those ribs? perfect cure for a long winded hangover.


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