rainy day sandwich update

pour manger <3 2011/03/24

i forgot, the sandwich truck (Ebbett's) was coming today! happy surprises all around :*) it's still pouring, wind gusts are reaching 50mph, and its not gotten any warmer either. thankfully our favorite sandwich truck figured a way to keep us happy. they had us text our lunch orders in, and later one of the ladies ferried bags of hot sandwiches and soup to warm, dry, happy recipients, all of which were wating patiently in the lobby. (no, really! even the ~20ft she had from the truck to front door looked hideouly painful. we were grateful!) ah! what service..

2011 3.24 ebbets texting 5

2011 3.24 ebbets texting 4

i had the grilled cheese with tomato jam, and my friend had the bacon, arugula and tomato sandwich (with some kinda mayo sauce). both were very rich, and full of flavor. oh, and we split a bowl of tomato soup. it was the last one…

2011 3.24 ebbets texting 3

mmmm, warm and full. might need to reinstate naptime…   <3


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