Deutsche dinner baby!

pour manger <3 2011/03/31

ok, back to last weekend: watching games, catching up with friends long missed, and, of course, eating good food! having spent the better part of the afternoon drinking beer and watching the Arizona/UConn game (damn you AZ! you could have tried!!), dinner was in order. and a decent meal that would soothe our tummies. so we went for German :*) Schmidt's was nearby, and came in high regard. 

of course, we had more beer. this place has a long list of delicious imports. and we started with an appetizer – the schlachter plate. 

2011 3.26 deustche dinner 1

all giggles aside, because i know i was laughing a little too loud when i heard my friend order it, this plate is just what it sounds like. a plate of meats from the slaughter. now you're probably a little grossed out, but don't be. it's a plate with tongue, headcheese, and pâté, served with pickles and mustards. when our waitress plopped this down in front of us, we all stopped laughing and soberly gawked at what we had in front of us. cautiously (and bravely!) we sampled our way through the plate. it wasn't so bad! i'll admit, tongue and head cheese aren't for me, but that pâté was quite nice. very smooth and rich in flavor. i would definitely have that again.

right, on to dinner! being a good German restaurant, there were plenty of sausages and more meat dishes to choose from. we decided on duck sausage, smoked boar sausage, potatoes gratin with frisee salad and pickled onions, and the ever famous schnitzel.

2011 3.26 deustche dinner 5

2011 3.26 deustche dinner 7

2011 3.26 deustche dinner 6

2011 3.26 deustche dinner 4

ohwheretostart?! the sauerkraut and potato salads were amazing. just what you want them to be, and not much more (ie not heavy with creams or mayos). they were full of flavor and complimented the sausages nicely. speaking of which, both the duck and the boar were lovely. they came with spicy and sweet mustards. oh! and the potatoes gratin, so delicious! just creamy enough, and the smaller plate meant you know you weren't eating too much. the pickled onions in the frisee salad were my favorite. a fork-full of salad with a bit of potato on top was a near perfect bit. ..ok, where am i? ah! the schnitzel :*) it was just as it ought to be. and even better with that egg and white anchovy on top. did i mention it was placed on a bed of cauliflower gratin? ah yes, talk about perfect bites! one good cross section of that plate proved heavenly.


yeah. Germans know how to feed a stomach full of beer. delicious meat and lovely pickled things… in fact, it seemed that every plate had just that – meat, some kind of roughage, and a pickled item that was also a natural digestive. well, the vegetarian plate merely substituted rich creamy potatos for the meat. thank goodness the plates weren't too large, because all that flavor likely came at a price. i don't think i would have slept so well if i had much more..

except i did have dessert. apple strudel with cream, and chocolate pudding with vanilla sauce..

2011 3.26 deustche dinner 8

2011 3.26 deustche dinner 9

but then, i alway do ;*)


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