can’t sleep, clowns will..!

pour manger <3 2011/05/02

heh, no, not really. but somehow around dinner time i found myself filled with energy and wanting to make cookies. so i made my first attempt at french macarons :*)

this was something i had planned on doing anyway. except i was going to make a day of it saturday. possibly even be social and catch up with an old friend whilst drinking bubbly in my sunny kitchen – ahh! but no, i enjoyed the day in my PJs, sleeping in and brunching late (if you can call it that). by sunday evening though, i had a ton of energy and couldn't help myself. i dove in.

having recently purchased a gorgeous book with lots of pictures, i thought i would attempt one of their amazing-fantastic-straight-from-Paris recipes. but i was a little worried, most people talk/write/blog about how difficult they are to get just right. so i decided to do a little research. i came across this blog:, and it proved invaluable.

instead of the super interesting but difficult (and expensive!) parisian protocol, i tried his recipe for my virgin run. it called for simpler ingredients, and only made ~15 cookies. mr. Lebovitz's post on macarons helped me avoid some commonly made no-nos, and made the whole thing a lot more fun (i hate being nervous, baking is supposed to relax me).

they turned out alright :*) not too shabby for a practice run..

2011 5.1 macarons 2

(the legs are alright! woo!!)

2011 5.1 macarons 5

now i'll dive into that super-gorgeous-book recipe. hehe, i feel a bit better about using the expensive chocolate ..and making 70+ cookies ;*) but i might start a bit earlier than 9pm :*P


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