don’t hate me ‘cos my black beans are beautiful!

pour manger <3 2011/05/04

and you know they are!

they tasted good too :*) a homemade black bean patty, topped with monterey jack cheese, red cabbage and cilantro slaw, homemade 'OaklandAise Lime Chile Sauce', on a pain de mie bun. and yes, the chili sauce was necessary and delicious. after that massive steak and all the cookies i've been eating, some veggies and extra fiber are very much welcome.

2011 5.3 docs bbean burger 1

2011 5.3 docs bbean burger 2

oh yeah – there were also chocolate chip cookies kept warm on the truck, so nice and gooey when you get one, and arnold palmer's. yum!

actually this food truck (Doc's of the Bay) was right outside my building waiting for me. me and the few others that still inhabit this little office park. i guess the management company has recognized that we need more options, we're in an urban setting and yet still so far out of the way there really isn't much for a nice quick lunch on the go. there used to be a soup shop, a salad/sandwich bar, and a Starbucks. there is now only the sando/salad bar. which is a lovely spot! but every day..? *_* so the building folks have brought in some food trucks. we now have a different truck waiting for us in the front drive monday – thursday every week :*)

but the part of all this that really trips me out, when i first learned that Starbucks was closing i was devastated. yeah its Starbucks, but its also the only coffee shop within walking distance (well, less than a 20 minute brisk walk). its the place i go each morning, or some afternoons, when i need to be away from my little grey cube. and no, its not the best coffee or even hot chocolate, but it beats the little packets in our break room.

*sigh* i suppose i'll just have to take walks on the waterfront when i need a private moment. it is gorgeous out there. and perhaps i can wake up 15 minutes earlier and patronize the many coffee shops in my neighborhood (there are 2 within 3 blocks of home that are especially good). they actually make good coffee, and have amazing pastries brought in each morning.. hmmm! ;*)


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