pour manger <3 2011/05/30

right, so :*) those cookies! 

2011 5.22 cookies 19

like i said, my friend and i really got into it. after combing through a stack of books and her own recipe scrap book, we pulled two recipes we were curious to try: a brownie with cream cheese and raspberry filling, and a sandwich cookie filled with cream and some kind of jam (we chose raspberry). 


we started with the brownies since they required 40 minutes to cook. it was relatively easy to put them together. mix chocolate. mix filling. spoon raspberry jam and excess chocolate on top. then swirl…

2011 5.22 cookies 10

they turned out just as good as they look :*) nice and moist, very rich chocolate, and the filling was pleasantly light. just enough you feel safe having a third one…


then we moved on to the cookies. now the cookies simply looked interesting, and this was really the whole impetus behind trying these. once we actually put them together and tasted them we were surprised at how well they turned out. but i must also warn they weren't as easy to put together as we hoped… the cookies are pretty much butter and sugar. when we attempted to pipe the dough onto the cookie sheets, it felt like we were grinding rocks. rocks that ooze butter :*P which only got more interesteing when we came up with a not-so-genious-idea of warming up the bag of dough. *sigh* ultimately we found that we should have just put little bits of dough in the bag at a time (1/3 to 1/2 full). much easier to pipe then…

2011 5.22 cookies 6

2011 5.22 cookies 9

2011 5.22 cookies 20

from there it was all downhill :*) we baked our cookies, filled them with yummy fluffy cream and a dollop of jam. and they really were much better than we expected. in fact, i think we're ready to try these again for a tea party in the not-too-distant-future.


last, but not least, we made Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies. at this point we were probably high off all the sugar we'd been eating all day, and just couldn't stop. heh, and i must say, chocolate chip cookie dough is THE BEST eaten by the spoonful. alas! we had salad and carrots for dinner…

2011 5.22 cookies 17

yeah. cookies <3


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