BLaT, blAt..?

pour manger <3 2011/06/06

the classic bacon, lettuce and tomato, but this time with avocado. not just a few years ago this was news to me. not so to Californians! 'what? you've never had..? oh! well then!'  *sigh* oh to live where avocados are fresh and ripe year round! :*) the things they do with them, the many many places they fit ever so nicely. and sandwiches are a no brainer..

2011 5.22 sandos 3

heh, not sure if you can see the slices of avocado under all that bacon. yum! my friend and i enjoyed lunch in. we made our BLaTs with tomato basil hummus on wheat bread. so very very satisfying on a cold rainy day <3

oh yeah, and unrelated to the avocados, a side of toasted bread, more of that yummy hummus and some fresh tomatoes..

2011 5.22 sandos 5

back to the point! avocados! they're oily, yes. in fact back east we didn't get ripe ones but for a short time in the summer (much to my California mother's chagrin), and so all i knew is that they were a weird green fruit that was probably only good for guacamole and ruining diets. 

having now lived on the left coast and had many years to fully appreciate these wonder fruits, i can happily report otherwise. yes, they are quite oily, but with fats that are especially good for you. and having had the chance to eat them more often, i understand how much better they taste when actually ripe: they're buttery and nutty in flavor, firm and not too squishy. in fact, i love when people actually cut slices and place them on whatever sandwich/taco/etc i've ordered. i prefer the firm slices to the mush some people offer as a spread (convenience or laziness – i don't care, i just don't like it). i've even become an expert at picking them out. ahhh, its like butter that grows on a tree! *sigh* green butter fruit that keeps you healthy and happy.

oh, and they happen to be a major cash crop. this wonder fruit is well loved and taken very seriously out here on the left coast. much money can be made if you happen to own an orchard. in fact i've heard of people buying land and planting an orchard as a long-term investment. can you imagine inherting one of those from your family?? oh yeah, its California's black gold!



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  1. ash says on 2011/06/06

    alex calls avocados “nature’s butter”…but do you remember that time we had avocado fries in venice?


  2. michelle b says on 2011/06/06

    ohhhh Alex is so right! mmmm :*) and YES! i do remember *sigh* its as if we were touched by angels. but on our tongues. LOL wait, its just getting weird now..


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