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pour manger <3 2011/07/11

yah, it's my turn! so, where have i been dashing off to? what fantastic island country or gorgeous beaches have i been traipsing down? :*) guess!

well, because of my new job, i've been keeping me close to home. can't very well go off taking month long treks across SE Asia just a month after starting.. no no, must make sure i don't blow anything up and focus on making the best impression i can. so my summer break has been limited weekend getaways. and in California those have the potential to be pretty spectacular ;*)

now most people in San Francisco are not actually from San Francisco. so half of my friends are from the East Coast or other countries, and the other half are from various other parts of the Golden State. this has always proven useful when the holidays roll around. lots of great places to go, with cool people you actually want to spend your free time with (i miss you Lashion!!). and so this summer, due to aforementioned restrictions, the Golden State it is ;*)

by lucky coincidence, a friend of mine happens to own some land in the Central Coastal region. he just acquired it, and is spending a lot of time this summer working on it. even though it came in good order, there's always something that needs doing. and, of course, he has grand plans for what it could be (the vineyard! the treehouse! the little garden and the lillies..!) anyway, this means i have a fun little spot to escape to on the weekends. its in Central California, so warm. a short drive from the coast, so i can enjoy long days at the beach. and right in the heart of Central Coastal wine country, so there's always the opportunity to go explore vineyards and everything that goes along with it. not bad for a summer holiday, eh?

so how does this all start? with a drive. a couple hours south (*ahem* speed limits are a little higher in the remote areas!), and well.. my weekend begins!

best to start with coffee *_* (i only have 2 days here folks, gotta get an early start)

2011 6 fruit stand 10

then the drive.       *_* uhhhhhh..!

2011 6 fruit stand 07

thankfully, being a good aggie state, there are plenty of places to stop and grab snacks. i <3 fresh cherries!!

2011 6 fruit stand 03

2011 6 fruit stand 04

oh yeah, and you must wash your fruit! must, must.. and they all have little sinks, so no excuses! this one lady was mindful enough to pack up my cherries in a little bag, and then give me another bag for my pits. yummy, yum!

2011 6 fruit stand 02

2011 6 fruit stand 12



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