an American holiday

pour manger <3 2011/07/13

4th of July. this one's for you Neda ;*) 

being good Americans, we went to the beach for some sun. discreetly sipping Coors Lite whilst happily roasting on our towels. a couple people even ventured in. i don't do that out here, not without a wetsuit… no matter, the sun was perfect. just like you'd imagine. later we wandered up the beach to a nice little spot to cool off over cocktails and steaks. it happened to be perfectly positioned for the evening fireworks display. what luck ;*)

2011 7.4 american holiday 04

oh yes, our friend also happened to be working there that night. and thank god, because she makes the best bloody mary i've ever had (i don't care much for tomato juice, so i am a difficult one when it comes to these..). part of her magic? pickled green beans. *sigh* they really are so good, a little spice and lots of flavor. 

we knoshed: crustinis, clam chowder (with abalone!), and sea scallops with bacon..

2011 7.4 american holiday 02

2011 7.4 american holiday 03

note: this clam chowder was some of the richest, and tastiest, i've had. i was told that the only abalone present was just in the soup stock. nonetheless it was delightful! nearly filled me up too.

2011 7.4 american holiday 05

then the steaks! umm, pardon the blurry images. those boody marys were good ;*) now of those in our group, 3 ordered steak. and we happened to each order a different one (unplanned, i swear!). so, you'll find the filet, ribeye and sirloin (me? i went for the one with mushrooms. i love mushrooms!):

2011 7.4 american holiday 11

2011 7.4 american holiday 10

2011 7.4 american holiday 09

i can attest to the fact that they were all cooked nicely. (medium rare at best, folks. no one wants burnt meat.. geez!) i can doubly assure you that mine tasted damn fine. those mushrooms, and the sauce! ah yeah, it was a classic steak. nothink too fancy, just done as it ought.

hope it was happy for you too, America!


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