farm to table

pour manger <3 2011/08/18

while we're on the subject of vegetables, i might as well touch on the farm to table movement. and it really is an interesting movement, something that is at the heart of California cuisine. basically, it is what the name implies. one getting her goods straight from the farm, and then using all those things in service. it's a fantastic idea really. as a consumer, you must feel a little better knowing that you're sitting down to eat dinner from some kitchen that actually knows where the eggs/pork/carrots/apples/etc came from. there's a level of intimacy with it. and possibly a feeling of security in this day when animals are treated in weird ways and produce is sprayed with funny chemicals that may or may not be beneficial… or maybe that's just me.

anywhoo, went to a lunch in the recent past. a working lunch :*) which are awesome, working with people who love food as much as you means you're eating well! right, a working lunch at a cool spot that was conveniently located near us all, Farm : Table. and the name suggests exactly what i was talking about above. 

2011 7.9 farm2table 2

it was a nice little cafe in Nob Hill with tables inside and out. perfect for a summer lunch meeting. the food was fresh, and while on one had felt very simple, it also had big flavor. the salad was refreshing (though it wilted fast in that heat),

2011 7.9 farm2table 4

the quiche was quiche as it ought (flaky/buttery/dreamy),

2011 7.9 farm2table 3

the lettuce soup was beautiful!,

2011 7.9 farm2table 7

and the sandwich – uhhhh… it was my favorite part.

2011 7.9 farm2table 6

in fact, while my boss reviewed her typed up notes for me i inhaled my half of it without blinking. but what can i say? i do love me some pork belly ;*)

and at the end of it all, i can say i do feel good knowing where my food comes from. but perhaps thats the California that seems to be growing in me.. <3



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