breaking no faster..

pour manger <3 2011/09/08

yikes, i've hit the slowest of slow this summer :*) its ok, i'm enjoying it. and there's only a little bit left. outside of hot-humid-hazy Baltimore and sunny-balmy-warm San Francisco, here is more breakfast goodness.

errr, actually, this one hails from Pismo Beach. equally balmy, and thankfully quite a bit warmer than SF.



after a lazy afternoon of surfing, we bbq'd up some ribs. lots of swimming meant we felt really hungry, so we went for one of those massive racks of baby back ribs. sadly, it seemed our eyes were bigger than our stomachs – we only made it through half the rack. or maybe we were just too tired to finish (did i mention all that swimming?? it wasn't that lazy..), because the next morning we were still really hungry. so, we had leftovers :*)

we took the leftover bbq sauce, mixed it with a bit of water, and reheated our ribs. simmering them for a long minute meant the meat was soft and tender, falling off the bones. 

2011 8.28 breakfast 1

oh yeah, and being breakfast and all, we poached some eggs in that saucy goodness.

2011 8.28 breakfast 2

2011 8.28 breakfast 3

*sigh* it was delightful..  <3


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