apricots ‘n cream

pour manger <3 2011/09/14

last weekend i was out to eat at a Mediterranean spot in my neighborhood, Pera. the food was quite good, the service friendly and prompt (thank you for the extra pinenuts!), and the ambiance lovely. 

i could go on about the lamb, or the yummy tzatziki (everyone seems to have thier own little recipe), but the thing that i remember most was the dessert we took home. it was late, and my friend was already a few too many drinks in, so when it was time for dessert, our waiter was understanding and packed something up for me. apricots stuffed with mascarpone cheese and fresh cream, then rolled in pistachios. 

2011 9.11 apricots 2

they were so yummy, fresh and light, but still full of flavor. just what i needed after all that lamb.. 

but the reason i remembered the dessert so well, is because our server was kind enough to tell us a little about the dish as well. the apricots are from the Malatya region of Turkey, which apparently is where the best apricots are grown. because of the rich soil and climate, the apricots grown there just have a better flavor. his grandparents happen to be from that region, so on holidays his family would receive gift boxes of the prized fruit. 

ironically, he said they are cheaper here in the US than over in Turkey. still more expensive than those from other regions, but no so far out of reach either. so, when shopping for his restaurant he said he always asks after apricots from Malatya. and i must say, they were delightful :*) i think i need to go back and sample a few more times to be sure on the many reasons why they are just a little brighter and fuller in flavor than a regular old apricot.  <3


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