field trip! St. George’s Distillery

pour manger <3 2011/09/19

it's funny, when i was little field trips were not always something i looked forward to. keep in mind i grew up on the right coast, and just a stone's throw from Washington DC. so trips outside the already underfunded Baltimore City public school classrooms were extremely educational – we had to make the most of those precious bus trips. there were lots of very serious (and often scary!) museums showcasing the horrible things people do if they don't pay attention in history class and try to wage war on the rest of the planet in some way they feel might actually work out in their favor.. it never did, and there i was staring at giant wax figures that still give me nightmares to this day. on the other hand, the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum is the sh*t! there were a few good ones in there :*)  

as an adult, i see field trips in a whole new light. rather than a somber day of reflection, these are educational experiences that can also be fun. and i've realized good field trips are the mark of a good office :*) when i was at the Water Board we were taken out to see the new Bay Bridge as it was being constructed (some pics here: just the other week, my chef and manager took us out for some tastings. three, to be precise. and yes, they were all educational. we are in the food industry, remember? ;*)

we started the day at Hangar 1 / St. George's Distillery in Alameda..

2011 9.12 field trip 10

2011 9.12 field trip 12

these guys make vodka, whiskey, gin, and yes :*) absinthe. they purport to make all of everything right there at Hangar 1 on Alameda. this was difficult for me to grasp considering the variety of products they make, and the volume. i know i've seen their stuff all over the Bay Area, and in quite a few places beyond. there's a lot of Hangar 1 vodka being drank! and this is just one facility… clearly they're an efficient group. 

2011 9.12 field trip 18

2011 9.12 field trip 21

2011 9.12 field trip 16

2011 9.12 field trip 20

2011 9.12 field trip 23

so how did i enjoy the tasting? very much :*) i liked one of their gins (sorry, can't recall which one it was..). i really liked their liquors, especially the pear and coffee flavored liquors. and yes, i did enjoy the absinthe :*) thankfully, they serve that one last. the cherry on top of a very full flight..

so field trips! definitely getting better as i age :*) or maybe it's just California. sometimes i think people too close to the Capital Beltway are too serious for their own good. need to lighten up a smidge.. ;*)

2011 9.12 field trip 22


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