field trip part II: Trumer Pils Brewery

pour manger <3 2011/09/26

so after the distillery we headed over to Berkeley to taste at the Trumer Pils Brewery. i'll be honest here, and maybe it's because our manager has such a great relationship with the brewery, the 'tasting' was more of a hearty drinking :*) if ever a glass started to run low, someone was sure to fill it right back up again. we also learned a lot about how they make their beer, and why they do what they do. but the thing i remember? sitting and chatting with the people at the distillery. a fun group! 

2011 9.12 field trip 27

*sigh* i do love beer!

keep in mind all they prouce is one kind of beer. the classic Trumer Pils. and they do it the same as back in Austria. the story goes, some time ago (within the past century), some American guy wanted to import European beer to sell here in the US. after really thinking about what would have to happen to get a pilsner across the pond, he decided it would be easier to make it here. people want their beer fresh and yummy, not old and stale. long story short, a site in Berkeley was selected and production started. 

now here's where it gets interesting: at this Berkeley site they use the same ingredients as overseas. they source all ingredients from the same places their Austrian brothers do, and have them shipped over. why? well, because that's how you make their Trumer taste like Trumer. that and they've yet to find anyone in the states who will produce enough of the grain/hops they require..

2011 9.12 field trip 24

2011 9.12 field trip 25

outside of being highly selective with their ingredients, they are also super picky about bottling. we were shown the equipment they bought to bottle thier pils in a manner they felt would serve the beer and the receiveing customers right. it is very expensive. and rather shiny and hi-tech. (this is beer folks, very important stuff here..) they are pretty much willing to go the extra mile to ensure their beer is kept at its best for as long as possible! 

2011 9.12 field trip 26

and then we got to drink it. horah beer! :*)


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