late summer sun

pour manger <3 2011/09/28

somehow the summer sun is still lingering over the Bay Area. and i'm not one to ask why, i just soak it up the best i can. on a recent weekend past, a friend and i sat outside enjoying the sun with our brunch.

2011 9.17 brunch 2

2011 9.17 brunch 3

Aunt Mary's Cafe surprised us both with fresh ingredients and a nod to southern delectables. we started with cheese grits – a side order, shared as an appetite. (there were other things on our agenda for that afternoon, such as drinking bubbly, window shopping, and drinking more bubbly..).

2011 9.17 brunch 4

then for the main, we shared some sweet and savory. huevos benedictos – cheddar masa cakes with poachers and mole negro, served with house-made Niman Ranch beef chorizo, guacamole and pico de gallo. um yeah, check out the profile of that cut..

2011 9.17 brunch 5

2011 9.17 brunch 1

*ahem* yes, and ricotta cornmeal griddlecakes topped with grilled peaches and a house made Jack Daniel's syrup.

2011 9.17 brunch 6

i initially opted for the griddlecakes, promising to share of course, but i have to say the huevos benedictos were my favorite. the griddlecakes were delicious, but they were so rich! the stack was too much for me. oh, and that Jack Daniel's? though i'm sure i got a little buzz off that syrup, it definitely suited the cornmeal! what i was able to eat, i did enjoy.

but back to the eggs dressed up a la negro. they were so rich in flavor, all the sauces/salsas/guacamole stuff together with a bit of egg. delightful! thankfully the masa cake balanced it all nicely. *sigh* great brunching material to cure a hangover or prevent one from coming on..

oh yeah, and the grits were nice too. honestly, they were just grits, but as they ought ;*)


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