field trip III: Broc Cellars

pour manger <3 2011/10/03

ok, this was the last stop on our sunny day out, Broc Cellars in Berkeley. and by this point we were all pretty rosy cheeked and happy. in fact, when we walked into the winery (just around the corner from Trumer Pils), the owner just smiled, set out some glasses, a few bottles he thought we'd enjoy with our hot dogs, and left us to our own devices. 

2011 9.12 field trip 31

2011 9.12 field trip 33

i think if we were able to focus a little he might have talked to us more about his wines. but instead he just hung out with us and answered questions as they came up. we all enjoyed what he poured for us, and not just because we were already drunk at that point. he choose well – something nice and light, easy to drink. 

2011 9.12 field trip 29

one thing i'd like to point out, since i can't comment too heavily on the wine itself (this was our third tasting that day), is that we were hanging out in an urban winery. this guy makes his wine in the City of Berkeley. people live next door to his warehouse! when i think of wineries, i think of those remote romantic places, next-door to their fields where the fruit is grown. you have to venture out to get there, and you make a day trip of it. but here, this guy is making wine in the middle of the Bay Area. you can walk from Bart!

and yes, the wine was good. we all enjoyed it. his being in a limited space, in the middle of a city doesn't take away from the fact that he's capable of making good wine. in fact, he's pretty particular about the whole process because he's producing natural wine - he picks the grapes himself and is otherwise low-tech when it comes to pressing/fermenting/etc. 

2011 9.12 field trip 28

2011 9.12 field trip 34



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