Chicago in July

[human] behavior 2012/09/05

when i was there, i was so distracted by the fact that i could walk around at all hours with my bikini and a simple summer dress over it – hot and humid, remember, and my cousin has friends-with-boats – i forgot i had a camera. on my way to the airport, my cabbie took me for a spin downtown. he pointed out the old pretty buildings and gave a nice little history lesson. old banks, bank robbers, Kennedys, celebrities..

2012 7.30 Chicago 5

2012 7.30 Chicago 6

2012 7.30 Chicago 7

2012 7.30 Chicago 8

2012 7.30 Chicago 4

2012 7.30 Chicago 12

2012 7.30 Chicago 10

2012 7.30 Chicago 9


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