‘whats it like being a Baltimore native in SF right now?’

pour manger <3, [human] behavior 2013/01/30

so what is it like? well first things first – you have to remember that California is big. it’s about 770 miles long by 250 miles wide and is, i just learned, the most populous state in the union. also, like many other major cities, San Francisco is at least 60% transplants. so even though you might run into lots of Californians, you’d do well to ask where they’re from. Southern California, eh? sooo, you a Chargers fan? Lakers? 

but of course, that’s not all the transplants. quite a few hail from the mid west (i have no idea how there are people left to keep Chicago running..), some from random bits along the eastern seaboard (we came for the weather), and then of course a lot are from other countries. in fact, this rather large international contingent is quite proud of their roots, and bring all kinds of interesting culture with them. you can see why going out to eat is such a pleasure here. yes, this 7×7 [mile] port town is smashed packed with people from everywhere. i think even homesick Nepalese have at least a handful of places to go if ever a pick-me-up is needed.

so, what’s it like for a Baltimore native deep in Niners territory right now? not so bad. i’ve run into my own many times over the years here. i just learned about an official meet-up group, Ravens in the Fog (facebook page here). i don’t know if i ran into them one weekend a couple years past, but the fan group i happened upon was decked out in colors and had a spread of delicacies that brought a tear to my eye. (have you tried the stuff westerners try to pass as a Maryland crab cake?? A for effort, but no thanks!)

actually, this year i hoped to go east and party down with friends i haven’t been able to see in too long. unfortunately some last minute car repairs popped up just as i was headed home to buy the tickets i found (sweet deal too). alas, whats a heart broken Baltimore girl to do? seek out a little piece of home, and eat her way through the tears..

ha! no, i didn’t cry. i can make it back next month for a long weekend ;*) but i did enjoy the sh*t out of a damn good corned beef sandwich! i know this isn’t something originally from Baltimore, but its something commonly found in Baltimore and usually done well in Baltimore. so of course, finding a beautiful corned beef sandwich lifted my spirits instantly.

2013 1.24 sentinel run 9

le sigh!

2013 1.24 sentinel run 4

2013 1.24 sentinel run 5

2013 1.24 sentinel run 6

sandwich found at The Sentinel. so. damn. GOOD! *_*

this weekend i’ll be in town, watching the game alongside some Niner fans and a couple of Californians-not-native-to-San-Francisco who are showing more than a little love for the purple and black. it’ll be a good game..

2013 1.24 sentinel run 7

2013 1.24 sentinel run 8

2013 1.24 sentinel run 3



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