the bay lights

[human] behavior 2013/03/06

last night the world’s largest LED light sculpture debuted here in the San Francisco Bay Area. artist Leo Villareal has rigged the Bay Bridge, celebrating its 75th (cheers!), with some 25,000 white LED lights. the show started at 9pm, and despite it being a relatively clear day, less than an hour before the show heavy rain clouds rolled over the city and began dumping frigid rain. thankfully, the show was streamed live online here, and will be every night while the installation remains up :*) which is the best part – those lights will continue to dance for us every night for the next two years, from dusk till 2am..

Watch live streaming video from acmelive at

so 2 years of this, our beloved Bay Bridge will be even more magical than ever! and i should tell you, the Golden Gate Bridge might have international fame, but the Bay Bridge has unanimous [local] cult status. there’s no way to describe it, you just need to come stay here for a long minute. there’s just something extra special about it. it might be the feeling you get as you cross over it. regardless the direction, you’re headed into a rather dramatic landscape – eastbound with Berkeley just to the north and Oakland to the south, or westbound into the heart of San Francisco. one of my own favorite memories was late one night crossing over into San Francisco, around midnight – the fog was so thick it seemed like i was hovering on clouds, and just ahead of me the sky scrapers and TransAmerica pyramid were visible only by their lit outlines through the marine layer.

sigh! i already know i’m going to be sad to see it go. i don’t want to diminish how impressive this is – in fact, on Sunday night, while driving back into San Francisco from Oakland, i saw the lights in action, i’m pretty sure they were being tested. it was even more surreal to be on the bridge while the lights ebbed and flowed around me – BUT after last night’s debut, it already feels like a natural part of the bridge. especially with the dramatic rain clouds hanging all about. very big, grand, elegant, haunting..

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