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discussions w/ MomCat 2013/05/14

ever find yourself so busy you wonder how you manage to survive off of condiments and weird root vegetables that seem to never rot in the back of your fridge?


sometimes living here in the Bay Area can be rather taxing. everything is expensive, everything is competitive (finding jobs, apartments, dinner reservations, a spot on dining lists, or even an empty stool at a dive bar to enjoy a cheap drink..), sigh, and did i mention how expensive everything is..? my dad once asked why i bother sticking around, why not just move back to live with my family? or some other city that doesn’t cost quite as much? well, considering what i do, this seems to be the place to be right now. yes, i’m in marketing (judge me all you want, i already judge myself for this!), but i’m eyeballs deep in the tech industry. my skill-set is almost entirely  grown from the various technologies out here. and i’m 3 steps ahead because i get to play with things before they’re even released to the rest of the world.

there are moments when i realize i could take my blogging-app-loving-salesforce-marketo-etc-using self east and make 5 times the amount i make now with this skill-set, but then i’d only be as good as i am now. if i stick around just a little bit longer, i’ll be even better with that new version of… yeah, you get the point. it never ends. and so long as my appetite persists, i’ll likely be here. or until someone really makes an offer that i can’t refuse (what i really want is to be a photographer/sociologist/writer, if any one needs one, i only need a living wage!).

and then i have Mondays that make me question all of it. its mostly just an absurd game, this making of seemingly faster and bigger databases/apps/software/clouds. because at the end of it all, these things are so damningly imperfect and often shitty to bother with, they need more nerds like me just to manage them :*P we’re so fucking advanced my ass!

i had a moment when i thought i couldn’t take it anymore, so i tuned in to one of my newest trash mixes: go on, judge some more. i’m in marketing and have to use Marketo all day. i fucking deserve this mix! and yet, i do wonder if i could run away from it all and join this lovely group. i bet Soundcloud is a great place to work :*) maybe work overseas, see Europe, Asia..? i really would love to live somewhere else, some other country for a year or three. ah yeah, my marketing skills could definitely take me there! what with all my design and data management skills. fucking Marketo. sigh. more of the same. sniff. more of the same…






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