has the glitter confetti settled yet..?

discussions w/ MomCat, [human] behavior 2013/06/27

ha! if only..

you probably know by now the big news of the week in terms of human rights. the US Supreme Court has ruled against DOMA, affording rights to all Americans, and chosen not to hear the case for Prop 8, affording even more for Californians. this is a big deal. our governments are choosing to recognize and extend rights to a very vocal minority, and San Francisco is the one place you can hear them the loudest (unless Miami wants to put in for that title).

sometimes i take for granted the high standard of living i have here in the Bay Area. ย my mom and her friend are visiting from Baltimore right now, so of course we talk about what i miss from back east and what i love about living here. there was a moment when we talked about how easy it is to exist out here in San Francisco. as much as i love my hometown, it is far easier to be the package-deal-me that i am out here. no questions asked, and no (or very little) judgement passed.

take for instance a good friend of mine from high school, let’s call him Victor. upon finishing his college studies he decided to move to San Francisco. he did not move back to Baltimore, where he grew up, nor to Virginia where his family now lives. no, he moved to San Francisco. alone. just Victor. and as a young black gay man, he loves it! he can be himself, without excuses, filters, hiding, or communicating in code. he gets to be Victor as he wants it.

San Francisco is the land of live and let live. we might joke about how weird people can be, but we never try to control them. to each his own!

i think the best part about the DOMA and Prop 8 decisions is that they were made just days before Pride. San Francisco is already looking forward to one of the biggest parties of the year, celebrating its weird and wonderful diversity, and now this is just icing on the sparkly-rainbow-cake of happiness. with unicorns :*)

happy pride y’all!

2010 Summer 52



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