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discussions w/ MomCat, [human] behavior 2013/08/27

they’re finally ready to open our new Bay Bridge span. they’ve been working on this since before i moved out here (11.. no 12 years ago now *_* yikes!). California being California, there are all kinds of excuses for the delays, most of which surround budgetary issues. but California being California, we need a bridge big enough to transport 280,000+ vehicles each day across a huge body of water in the middle of an earthquake zone. this has been no easy feat.

on a side note, i find it interesting that the whole world knows of and immediately thinks about the Golden Gate Bridge when San Francisco or the Bay Area is mentioned. people who have never even been close to this part of the world probably know what that iconic bridge looks like. but locals? our heart is with the Bay Bridge.

yeah, its not the safest bridge – a piece fell off in the last big quake, and if another big one hits it’s most likely going to fall into the Bay entirely. but it has character. its the bridge we actually enjoy looking at each night. its the bridge an artist chose to attach hundreds of thousands of leds to so that each night we could watch it dance in the fog. Oaklanders have put this bridge on such a pedestal, it has cult status and can be found silk screened onto t-shirts and hats.

anywhoo, we’re getting a new bridge. its not quite the same, but hopefully we’ll learn to love it too. about 10 years back when i was still a newbie out here, interning at the Water Quality Control Board, i got to meet it from the inside out..












without a doubt it was one of the biggest and more complex construction sites of its time. i’m curious to see her again now that she’s all done up and ready ;*)


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