the day i met Gogol Bordello

[human] behavior 2013/10/08

first, i must tell you why i was able to meet Gogol Bordello – a beautiful Athenian girl who happens to know them. i didn’t learn this much until we were at the show. you see, she worked with them a few years back. oh really? you don’t say.. and it wasn’t until she fixed her gaze on the stage, and informed me we would be moving forward in the crowd that she also mentioned we’d have to drop by and say hello after the show. um, ok!

so we moved forward. and being a good punk show there were mosh pits. friendly hippie mosh pits, but still filled with tall and strong people pushing and shoving. we were able to get within about 20 feet of the stage, and it was the best damn show i’ve been to in a long time. a few years back i was supposed to see Gogol Bordello perform at the Fox Theater in Oakland, but i fell horribly ill the day of and its been a point of contention for me for some time now. alas the universe repaid that loss and then some! it was 80F with a slight breeze, the crowd was excited-happy-drunk-dancing, and the music was amazing. it was the best possible first time seeing Gogol i could have wished for!

and then there was after the show. true to her word, my Athenian friend immediately called up her friends and took us back to say hello. i was still in shock from experiencing such a great show, and yet right in front of me kissing and hugging me hello was the band! they were soooo lovely, and such wonderful hosts.

when we walked up they were just sitting about, relaxing, chatting, and giggling. they were pleasantly surprised to see my friend, and immediately pulled us in, offering refreshments and whatnot. and then we talked. we talked about music, the weather, people, Virginia, immigration, bars in San Francisco, baking. we just talked :*) it felt like hanging out with old friends, so simple and effortless.


so yeah, i’ve finally seen Gogol Bordello in concert. and i got to meet them :*) sadly i have no photos – mosh pits are no place for my little smart phone, and i was too star struck to whip it out and click away once back stage. but i can tell you they’re a lovely group of people. and my lucky purple panties are really fucking lucky!



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