dear Mom

discussions w/ MomCat 2013/12/09

its really really cold out here. i know you miss San Francisco, i know you’re anxious to take a break from that winter storm that just hit the east coast, you just want to frolic in the California sun, but its really damn cold out here right now. and being on the coast, the off-shore ‘breeze’ has been more of a bitter and soul piercing force.

i noticed chunks of ice in the puddles at the Caltrain station this morning. there was still frost on the grass when i finally made it in to my suburban office (well after 9am). even though i’ve become so much like dad, i didn’t think twice to leave the heaters running all night – a sweater just isn’t enough for these poorly-insulated-single-paned-windowed-buildings. its really fucking cold out!



but it will be nice to see you :*) we can go have mulled wine and hear the concert at The Homestead tonight. for once it feels like a real winter, the ones i grew up with and miss dearly. if only there were some snow, Potrero Hill has potential for some epic sledding!



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