[human] behavior 2014/01/15

i’ve been living in California for over 10 years now (please don’t do the math, i’m not ready to accept it all yet), and last weekend was my first trip to Yosemite.  *_*  yeah, the iconic National Park that’s just 3 hours drive from San Francisco. it took me 10 years to figure it out.

but i’m glad i waited! my first trip was with a seasoned vet, a woman who was intimately familiar with the park and surrounding areas. we stayed just outside of the park at the Yosemite Bug, a rather posh hostel, that has a spa and gourmet kitchen (that even packed us lunch bags for our day-hikes!). my guide started me off with a short hike on Saturday – we walked 2.6 miles (990ft elevation gain) to Inspiration Point, one of Ansel Adam’s favorite sites to photograph the valley. and rightly so..







oh yeah, and meet our new best friend Celery :*) my guide told me she went to pick up a car for the weekend, and her agent asked, ‘Just how green do you want it to be? Because I have something special, a new car I’ve put on hold just for you..!’ Celery proved to be a wonderful conversation piece where-ever we went, and surprisingly receptive to our karaoke sessions.




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