discussions w/ MomCat 2014/02/11

my mother is a California girl, San Francisco born and East Bay raised. she is the youngest of 3 sisters, all of which attended UC Berkeley (its a family tradition that goes back even further with us ******* girls). well, one term my mom was a bit homesick, so her eldest sister sent a care package. when it arrived my mom found a record, a sealed envelope, and a letter. she started with the letter – it instructed her to play the record, then open the sealed envelope and dump the contents over her head. the record was a single of the Beatles’ Here Comes the Sun, and the envelope had been stuffed with glitter.

its still gloomy and cloudy out here. and while some sun would be nice, we still need much more rain if we’re going to make it. so we’re doing our best to keep spirits up – last night we kept dry at a local bar, watching sisters giggle and winning at pub quiz. (we lost horribly).








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