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[human] behavior 2014/03/11

lately my commute takes me down the peninsula to Redwood City. the landscape is a bit different, especially seen from Caltrain rather than a car. some friends have commented on what a trek this must be for me, but its not all that bad. a lot of people do it and seem to be just fine. my own trek usually starts with a short walk to the station (up hill of course), breakfast in-hand i find my favorite seat, and then i settle in for my morning ritual of pastry-with-news-and/or-good-book-reading-time. i much prefer this to taking Muni each morning – the trains are [nearly] always on time, the people much better behaved/groomed, and you can have a beer after work if you so desire!

its also been interesting to take part in this daily migration right when the tech-bus-controversy was exploding. i’m sure you’ve heard about it – San Franciscans are upset that tech companies were using city bus stops and resources for their private buses that shuttle tech-nerds to their respective South Bay campuses. the matter seems to have been sorted out, the tech companies will be allowed to use city resources per appropriate compensation. but outside of all that, one man questioned why some companies have chosen to have shuttles over offering their employees transportation allowances or Commuter Checks:

today i can say i understand where he’s coming from. i’ve really enjoyed taking Caltrain and getting to know a different side of San Francisco and the larger peninsula community. personally i enjoy sitting opposite the bike car, those guys are fun to hang out with after a long day at the office ;-)






and tomorrow i look forward to seeing the Wednesday morning faces and hearing updates from the 8:19am conductor.



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