little house, Big Sur

[human] behavior 2014/04/09

last weekend we took our English friend to the countryside. ‘which countryside?’ people would ask, when she told them. ‘ummm, san sluueess oblerspoo..?’ *_*

we took her south to the San Luis Obispo area, where she got to see a different kind of California than the Bay Area she’s been stuck in. she saw a few typical central coast beaches (long sweeping beaches tucked into dramatic coast lines), we took her wine tasting in Paso Robles, and then we drove her through Big Sur (more dramatic coastline, also very beautiful). the weather was a perfect mid-70s, and she now has a perfect golden tan :*) it was a good time for all.





my favorite moment was witnessing a fellow scooter enthusiast using his scooter to transport himself through Big Sur. i’m sorry i didn’t get a picture of him – he had a classic 150cc Vespa, light blue color, with a picnic basket tied onto the back. one of the best ways to experience Big Sur is by driving through on Highway 1, and this guy was doing it in style! i think i’d like to try that some time :*) on a perfectly sunny and 70F day, when i have all the time to take it in.



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