the bike car

discussions w/ MomCat 2014/04/17

in a couple of weeks i will start another new job. much to my father’s chagrin this has happened a handful of times in the past couple years. while he wonders about my seemingly flighty tendencies, i’m not worried – these are different times and there’s a different generation at play in Silicon Valley. my movements as a contractor have proven quite beneficial to my budding career in marketing – i’ve worked with startups, larger corporations, and interesting hybrids thereof. i’ve seen how groups large and small, fully funded or not so much have made use of their resources. its been interesting, and quite educational.

these jobs have also taken me all over the Bay Area. you see, Silicon Valley is a mythical creation. there isn’t actually a valley where all these tech companies live, its merely a nickname for a hot spot where a lot of tech-creativity persists. i’ve commuted to the East Bay, around San Francisco, down the Peninsula, deep into the East Bay to areas that i don’t really consider part of the Bay Area, and even to the North Bay..

lately i have been taking Caltrain to Redwood City. at first this seemed like a difficult bother, the bullet trains are infrequent and the old trains break down more often than they should. (note: they’re all old trains). but in my last few days aboard, i’ve come to realize how much i enjoy this recent ritual: running up steep hills because i’m always late and the train is not; silently greeting the other tech nerds on the platform, clad in jeans with thin laptops in hand/backpack; queuing up at the bike car, because the cute nerds bike to work and there are always open seats upstairs; and then sipping my coffee as we fly down the peninsula, listening to our conductor give us our daily updates.

‘you guys really need to load up faster, just get the bikes on and organize while in transit! also, a reminder that there is no smoking of any kind allowed on the trains or on the platform. no one wants to go to work smelling like that stuff.’ ;*)








so my dear Caltrain, it’s been interesting. thank you for a few months of mostly on-times. maybe we can do weekend visits some time, i do still have friends down south..



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