last Sunday..

discussions w/ MomCat, [human] behavior 2014/04/22

last Sunday was a rather special day. specifically it was Easter Sunday, but more interestingly, it was also April 20th. because of this curious overlap, an unholy trinity of… i-don’t-even-know unfolded in Golden Gate Park: 1) families celebrated Easter Sunday over picnic lunches, 2) the annual Hunky Jesus Contest hosted by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence took place, and 3) a bunch of pot-heads flocked to their mecca where they puff-puff-passed with thousands of other aficionados in honor of 4/20. there were definitely moments when we gazed in wonder at how these groups where able to coexist so peacefully. after all, this is the holiest of days for followers of Christ, and one one small field there were a wide range of activities taking place, all at the same time, and all stewing under a massive … cloud *_*










now before anyone passes judgement, just know that all partied with peaceful intentions and everyone on that field seemed to have a really good time. that the Sisters, while a bit tongue in cheek, do what they do for truly good and honorable causes. all in all, this fantastic mix represented our diverse community. it really was wonderful to see everyone out enjoying themselves on such a beautiful day :*)

oh yeah, and Twerk-It-Jesus won. i think this confirms that this has indeed been the year of the twerk..




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