first Fridays

[human] behavior 2014/06/10

i remember Baltimore in the 90s, on the first Thursday of the month art galleries would open their doors for free or reduced price. my mom loved these nights. she would invite me along, but i wasn’t always excited about staring a the same pieces at the Walters, again.

flash forward to my college years, living in the Bay Area and finally 21, i rediscovered first Thursdays. galleries in San Francisco would open their doors the same as back home in Baltimore, but here i discovered that there was booze involved. the more established galleries would offer wine and cocktails on the cheap, whereas art students would offer wine for free in dixie cups. and there were tall buildings downtown filled with floors and floors and floors of these student galleries. Thursdays were good!

now i haven’t been to first Thursday in San Francisco for some years now, the recession was not a good time. but interestingly enough, Oakland’s response has really taken over. since San Francisco has their monthly festival on Thursdays, Oakland decided to take on Fridays, and their movement seems to be where the real fun is right now. last Friday i finally made my way over.

i took Bart of course :*) i met up with a friend and we started at the Oakland Museum of California. we snacked at Off the Grid. we took in a lecture on the history of hip hop music and culture in the Bay Area. we thoroughly enjoyed the exhibit on Vinyl (thank you Mr Security Guard for not laughing too hard at my drunken dancing).










we then followed the masses downtown, where we danced some more at a photography show, had Thai food at a lounge, and then pondered more dancing with the Latin Soul Brothers..  ~*


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