because Monday

bean smoke!, [human] behavior 2014/06/17

yesterday my friend ‘wanted to feel pain.’ so, being a man, he decided to do this in a manly way. (sigh, i don’t know..). i, on the other hand, was waiting to hear from the boys, as we were supposed to have dinner together. when 8pm rolled by and i was still alone and hungry, i called only to find them half-way through a bottle of cheap champagne in a tattoo parlor. thankfully, they were in good hands, Ms R was very gentle and in good humor about the whole thing..






LV  *_*

he had LV tattooed on his ring finger. it’s latin and i was told what it meant, but i’ve already forgotten. afterwards we took our little-boy-in-pain to the new Magnolia in Dog Patch for some barbecue and beer, they karaoke’d to punk metal the whole way there and home again. i think he accomplished what he set out to do.



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