summer of love

discussions w/ MomCat, [human] behavior 2015/06/30

thank you SCOTUS :-D you just gave San Francisco permission to have the biggest Pride weekend ever! the marriage equality ruling is such a big deal for so many people, i can’t tell you how many happy tears i saw Friday morning alone. you could feel the excitement everywhere here in the Bay.

so what did i do? i got out there and enjoyed it while it lasted! this ruling came through right as we were kicking off Pride weekend. i had even more reason to step out and celebrate with my friends and family.

i partied with the ladies on Friday night at Ruby Rose’s White Party. and can i tell you? there’s no better way [for a woman] to feel loved than with a bunch of women who really love women! so many gorgeous, happy, wonderful people just having a great time – taking you as you are, no questions, no exceptions.

on Saturday i made it out to see the Grateful Dead. that was everything you’d expect it to be :-) complete with long stem red roses for all 70,000 attendees, cold beer and it’s-it ice cream sandwiches, and a full rainbow making an appearance right as the band finished their first set. (which was not lost on anyone!)

and then of course the big day, the Pride Parade. this was my first year attending the parade, and i was fortunate enough to actually be IN it! i was invited to help the ACLU remind people that #BlackLivesMatter and we must #ProtectTransLives. though we weren’t dancing our way up Market St with a DJ and colorful float behind us, we still had a great time and felt so much love and support from everyone!












ahhhh, such a great weekend! :-) special congratulations to the ACLU Northern California chapter for winning an award at the parade. it was an honor to walk with you!

#lovewins <3


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