4th of July

bean smoke!, discussions w/ MomCat, [human] behavior 2015/07/07

we’re a rowdy bunch, Americans. opinionated, entitled, empowered – and as much as some like to position those as negative qualities, there are others who rather enjoy what this inclination enables. out here in the wild west it’s as much about doing it your own way as it is live-and-let-live.

but i digress.. July 4th in San Francisco means everyone celebrates what it means to be American, the land of the free and all like that. we drink lots of beer, BBQ piles of deliciousness, and we blow sh*t up!








note: all this occurred in a weirdly maintained setting. i can’t explain how well these guys managed such a dangerous party! even the police seemed to be too busy with real work to bother to interrupt the festivities.


*video also available here.

4th of July on Bryant Street, Mission District, San Francisco.


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